Construction Chemicals and Construction Materials

One of the most important tasks in the construction process is the selection of building materials in a planned way. Construction materials can often be specified in the design stage of the building by the project architecture type. However, this prediction is only a preliminary information for Unit Price determination. This pre-fixing is not sufficient to order the material. Material quality, quantity, size, name of the manufacturer, etc. The operations need to be properly determined. In particular, for the price and performance of the material, the builder must conduct or carry out effective research.

As an Assist Export, we provide the most accurate service in the field of Construction Chemicals and Construction Materials throughout the entire process.

In which fields are we able to do this?

  • Insulation, Building Chemicals, Paint and Roof
  • Construction Machinery, hardware and tools, constructional steel, prefabricated structures, and building systems
  • Structural Systems, Installation, Elevators, Landscaping, Software
  • Joinery ( Doors, Windows), facade, automatic doors- gates, sun protection
  • Finishing, wall and floor coverings, bathroom-kitchen equipment, doors and accessories, electricity, lighting, automation
  • Iron and Steel